One of the big moments in my artistic life was when I got the attention of "Successories" - a company that makes motivational products for the corporate world (

I was in Saint Louis appearing as Plaster Man at a spring home show.  I think it was about 1998.
I was visiting a mall nearby one afternoon and found a Successories store.  I thought that my cartoon characters would fit in great with this store!  So I got in touch with them the next week.  It turned out that they were located in Aurora, Illinois, just a few hours from where I live.  So I made the trip up to their location and met with them.  It turned out that they were looking to develop a new line of motivational products called "Recognition Matters".  I brought about 100 sketches of ideas for cards and posters.  Many of them were chosen and I was on to making my first deal!  This was the first time the cartoons went out nationwide.  It was a very good feeling!


One person who had a great influence on me in my professional career was Dottie Walters.  She was the founder of Walters Speakers Bureau out of Glendora, California.  Dottie helped me develop my speaking business, as well as an approach to getting sponsors to help me finance different projects I was involved with.  Dottie showed me how corporate sponsors can help an artist or anyone else who has a dream or idea that they want to pursue.  I stayed in touch with Dottie and after about 10 years I was able to work with over 70 corporate sponsors.  In the photo I am holding up the album that holds a two CD and book album that Dottie and I produced.  It contains a lot of tips and guidance on how to land corporate sponsor, sharing a lot of great information from Dottie and some valuable lessons I learned along the way.  I was very happy that Dottie asked me to have Pete & Peaches on the cover of the album!  This photo was taken when I was doing a speaking engagement for a group at the Pere' Marquette hotel, in Peoria, Illinois.


This is a photo from a recent trip I made out to Vermont. I met John Zaccheo many years ago, and at one point he was my art director. John is one of the best artists I've ever met! His inspiration to get into art came early in his career. In high school, he won an art contest, and the prize was spending the day with Norman Rockwell! What an opportunity! And it led to John getting deep into the art scene. Not long ago I spent a few days with John at his home, and I was just so impressed by his art collection. It was like I was staying at a giant art gallery!

John currently has the largest art gallery in the state of Vermont. His website is Besides being a fantastic artist, John is also a master marketer. He represents his own art, as well as many artists who sell their work to the market through his gallery. Just an outstanding friend and artist all the way around! I hope one day to work with John on some information products that highlight his vast knowledge and insight into the art world.



I was working at doing some plaster repair work in a home in Peoria, Illinois. I was so amazed by the wonderful art work that filled the home I was working on. At lunch I got to meet Ken Clubb, who was the one who had created all the art work. Needless to say, we became friends on the spot, and have been ever since. I cannot express how talented he really is. Let's just say he's off the charts!

Ken and I have worked on many projects together, including the activity books for Bard Optical, Scrip and other companies. It's a great working relationship. Ken has his own studio in Peoria, and he is an illustrator, working through an agency for most of the art work he creates. He also teaches art at ICC, Illinois Central College in East Peoria, Illinois. He is truly a very talented guy, and someone I am proud to call my friend!